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XEP-0166 Jingle


The inclusion of a jingle module early in the life of this project was primarily to enable the use of XMPP as a ignalling server for webRTC. Amazing gains in this area were made by Philip Hancke and Lance Stout resulting in interoperable signalling systems for webRTC over XMPP.

XMPP-FTW was soon added to the list of interoperable libraries for signalling webRTC calls. If you wish to use xmpp-ftw-jingle for webRTC calls then this is the first module for which I would recommend a client-side library. This library is jingle.js by Lance Stout. It handles generating the required JSON from SDP and the handling of the webRTC sessions. If you prefer a more DIY approach then the sdp-jingle-json library (again from Lance) upon which jingle.js builds will be of great use.

If you'd like to experiment with webRTC using xmpp-ftw then please visit the webRTC demo page and its source code.

Initiating a P2P connnection

A jingle session can be initiated using `xmpp.jingle.request` as follows:

            "to": "megan@evilprofessor.co.uk/desktop",
            "jingle": {
                contents: [
                    sid: "session-id",
                    action: "session-initiate",
         /* "type": "set", */

A `type` of error or an `error` key will result in error stanza being sent. A `type` of result will result in an result stanza being sent.

For the error and result cases above a `jingle` key is not required.

The above example will generate the stanza from example 1 in the jingle XEP.


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